Not only the NFT
but it can also be your own unique digital identity

What is LuluPunk?

The Characters
LuluPunk is a group of unique virtual image artworks. Currently there are 21,000 of them. Generated by an algorithm,The LuluPunk will be the 3D avatar for virtual worlds, games, and VR.Your LuluPunk doubles as your LuluPunk Club membership card.
LuluPunk Features
LuluPunk figures are made of rounded rectangular shapes, which makes LuluPunk different from other IPs. This simple style of modeling is easy to be processed and displayed by a computer, and it can become a popular and classic style.
LuluPunk Quantity
LuluPunk figures are rare and limited in stock. A total of 21,000 figures, auctioned at a gradient of increased prices. With an addition of 12 new LuluPunk figures each year, the LuluPunk community continues to grow in vitality and influence.


Owners of a LuluPunk are given access to an additional pack that includes the full 3D model. You can use it to render and animate your LuluPunk, or use as your avatar in the metaverse.
All LuluPunk owners can access a T-pose OBJ file that can be imported into most standard 3D modelling and animation software, which are supported by VMagicMirror, VRoid Hub, Webaverse, etc.

Become part of digital art and collectibles history!

Commercial Ownership

Multiple Benefits


Greater Appreciation Potential

How does it work?
Now, all 21,000 unique LuluPunk figures have been generated. We will mint coins in batches and sell them on OpenSea. The sale batch and starting price are as follows:
1000 NFTs
4000 NFTs
3000 NFTs
2000 NFTs
3000 NFTs
3000 NFTs
4000 NFTs
500 NFTs
497 NFTs
3 NFTs
^0.05 ETH
^0.1 ETH
^0.2 ETH
community contributors
^0.6 ETH
^0.9 ETH
^1.8 ETH
^3 ETH
^6 ETH
^100 ETH
After 2021, 12 new items will be created every year and auctioned for no less than 100 ETH.
The earlier you buy, the lower the prices will be.

The first 8,000 NFTs are at preferential price during the contribution period, and after each initial purchase, the owner will get an additional 1,500 ACX bonus. According to the rules, when you have 1,500 ACX, you can exchange these tokens to change your LuluPunk name on the chain. The smart contract requires the name to be unique. Therefore, the sooner you change the name, the more chance you will get the name you want. This is another level of scarcity of LuluPunk.

The ACX is the native token of LuluPunk. ACX has two main purposes. One is to reward the members of the LuluPunk community who have contributed to redeem designated rights. The other is to allow the holder to assign a unique name to the LuluPunk NFT. If you own a LuluPunk, you can claim ACX accumulated by NFT. Each NFT can accumulate about 10 ACX per day.

We will add only 12 NEW LuluPunk figures each year, designed by popular hand selected artists in the crypto community. The LuluPunk community will continue to grow in number, influence, and vitality. One of the 12 LuluPunks generated each year, will be raffled to our community members!



Decentralized economic organization that benefits everyone

LuluPunk's economic structure is an decentralized, autonomous organization that aims to provide complete transparency, unprecedented flexibility, and self-governance.

Anyone can join LuluPunk's community, contribute to its development, and benefit from it.

LuluPunk can be created by artists from all over the world, and anyone can participate in the construction of the LuluPunk metaverse.

Airdrop and Pre-Sale Ends in :

Refer and Get 100% of all Claim airdrop & Buy Token ! You must have LULUPUNK Tokens on your BEP20 Address


LuluPunk Token (LULUPUNK)

Total Supply

Presale Price 1 BNB = 250.000 LULUPUNK

ICO Listing Price 1 BNB = 50.000 LULUPUNK

Minimum buy : 0.01 BNB - 2.500 LULUPUNK TOKEN Max 2 BNB = 500.000 LULUPUNK

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To get refferal link you must claim airdrop (copy your BEP20 Address and click claim airdrop)


You will get: (375 LULUPUNK TOKEN)

Meet the team





We are the creators of LuluPunks. Our goal is to create a Metaverse. We believe in the power of decentralized communities that bring fun and benefits to everyone involved. Join us and the possibilities are endless.
As the rightful owner of a LuluPunk NFT, you are granted an unlimited, worldwide, exclusive, license to use, copy, and display the purchased art for commercial use. Examples of such commercial Use would e.g. be the use of the LuluPunk to produce and sell merchandise products.
If you would like to use a LuluPunk, which you do not own, for commercial use, you need to require written consent from the current owner.